Below are a few tips to assist you in selecting a contractor...

·         Create a list of questions and or concerns you have about the construction process and your project.

·         Create a list of contractors referred to you by friends, family etc.

·         Contact each contractor and conduct a phone interview.

·         Review your phone interview findings and narrow your search to two or three contractors.

·         Conduct research on your remaining contractors:

o   Start with the California State License Board to verify proper licensing

o   Ask for proof of proper insurance

o   Ask for references

·         Schedule a time to meet with each of the remaining contractors to discuss the details of your job and what you’re looking for from a contractor…. ask plenty of questions!

·         Have one contractor create a written “scope of repairs” and review it for accuracy and detail. Use this “scope of repairs” to have all of your remaining contractors bid. Make sure the bids they give represent the “scope of repairs” all other contractors are using and disqualify any contractors that don’t follow your bidding process! This process will give you an even platform to compare all contractors bids, giving you a thorough understanding of all costs associated with the repairs.

·         Select your contractor based on who you feel will work best with you, the quality of their work and their references. Remember, the low bidding contractor isn’t always the best deal…..lastly remember the A,B,C’s:

o   A - Always get your agreement, contract terms and pricing up front and in writing.

o   B - Be aware of going with the lowest price. Material, quality and craftsmanship matter!

o   C - Communication’s the key…find a contractor whom you feel will communicate clearly and honestly with you!

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